About Us

There is a long tradition of bocce in Humboldt County, with active groups of bocce enthusiasts in Rio Dell, Ferndale and Eureka.  In recent years new public courts have been built in Arcata, McKinleyville, Trinidad, and Fortuna.  Use of these courts is increasing, with more people showing up for informal "social bocce" every week.  There is also an active summer "tournament season," with competitive events in Rio Dell, Ferndale, Eureka and Blue Lake.

Inspired by the growing popularity of bocce in Humboldt County, the Six Rivers Bocce Club is now being formed to provide support and structure to Humboldt's bocce community.  Among the club's goals are

  • Promoting the game of bocce within the community, organizing tournaments and league play, and allocating the resources of the Six Rivers Bocce Club for the benefit of its members and the community.
  • Educating youth, seniors and others about Bocce, its history and culture.
  • Raising funds for courts and park improvements, in support of local community groups, and for other Club purposes.
  • Assisting with the day to day grooming and minor maintenance of Bocce courts in Humboldt County, and serving as a Bocce advocate and consultant to local cities and community service districts.

The Six Rivers Bocce Club is currently organized as an unincorporated not-for-profit community association.  It is governed by an interim organizing committee.  A membership recruitment drive is currently underway.  It is hoped that "critical mass" will be reached by early summer 2014, at which time there will be a membership meeting to adopt formal by-laws, and elect a governing board.

Help is needed during this formative stage to ensure an organization that best meets the needs of its members and the greater bocce community.  If you would like to be involved in the development of the club, or to provide input to the club's organizers, please contact us.