Draft By-Laws

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Draft By-Laws

Every organization needs a set of rules or standards that guide how it does business.  This is especially true if the organization will be handling money (such as tournament fees, cash prizes, or member dues).  Although the Six Rivers Bocce Club is functioning very fluidly right now in its formative stage (those that are doing the work get to do the deciding what and how), inevitably this could lead to problems (hurt feelings at least) if some operational guidelines are not established.  Therefore a set of Draft Club By-Laws is being circulated for comment.  If you have any thoughts on the Draft By-Laws, please post them here.

When we have a sufficient  number of members (hopefully by mid-summer), we will have a membership meeting to ratify the final By-Laws and elect a Board of Directors.

I know that this can seem rather dry compared to actually playing bocce, but once we get it in place we can put it away, and only dust it off when needed.