Local Bocce Courts

Available Courts in Humboldt County

There are currently no fewer than 21 public bocce courts in 8 locations in Humboldt County, stretching all the way from Trinidad in the North to Rio Dell in the South.  It's clear: the number and quality of the local courts have been growing steadily over the last 10 years

These courts are located in beautiful public spaces, easily accessible, and they are free.  As noted in the descriptions, some of the courts are highly maintained, others hardly at all.  In some cases bocce balls can be borrowed or rented.  While there are restroom facilities onsite, most of them were locked on the weekday we visited them in early May.  Some courts have scoreboards and court maintenance equipment, most have benches or chairs for players and spectators.

The overall impression was that we are on the cusp of a bocce renaissance in Humboldt County.   Everything needed is right here, right now!  The infrastructure is there.  The people are there.  It's a great game. There may be some debate on whether bocce or golf is runner-up to international football (soccer) as the second-most played game in the world, but, either way, bocce is big!  And big for good reasons:  It's fun.   

Directory of Humboldt Bocce Courts

The Six Rivers Bocce Club recently conducted an inventory of local bocce courts.  Information about these courts, including location, number, size, condition, and amenities is available below: