Membership Application

If you live on California's north coast and enjoy bocce, we invite you to join the Six Rivers Bocce Club.  The dues are only $10/year and the benefits are many.  As a Member, you can:

  • Attend meetings to help shape the direction and activities of the club, and vote for Board of Directors.
  • Be listed in our Member's Directory (optional), so you can hook up with other players, form teams, carpool, search for lost equipment, etc.
  • Receive notifications of upcoming bocce tournaments and events.
  • Participate in our on-line Member's Forum to post announcements, share ideas, find partners, etc.
  • Participate in Club-organized League Play (once we reach critical mass).
  • Rate your bocce skills in comparison with those of other club members though our Bocce Ladder ranking competition (coming soon).
  • Represent the Club in out-of-area tournaments.
  • Purchase Club paraphernalia. (available once we have enough members).
  • Receive a free Club-specific Email Address (i.e.  This can be useful for communicating with other Club members while protecting your personal email address.

Your membership is needed to help ensure the successful accomplishment of Club goals.  Please join!

For membership in the Six Rivers Bocce Club, please complete following application:


How many years have you been playing bocce?
Please indicate which information to show in the Member's Directory (select as many as appropriate).
Please indicate if you would like a free Club-specific email address (e.g.
Membership dues for the Six Rivers Bocce Club are currently set at $10/year. Please indicate how your dues will be paid.